Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Lessons in the Garden

In consideration of what I've wanted this site to convey, I'm reminded of lessons I've learned in my gardens.  You see, I believe we can learn in any situation.

One lesson, dear to me, is the time I reflected upon how the garden of my heart is very similar, in concept, to garden in my yard. 

There was a place where my husband's family had burned various things over time.  After years of this activity we were unaware of what lied beneath that time had caused to be hidden.

We began to till the ground to plant a garden and literally found multiple buckets of debris under the covering of grass.  We picked out numerous objects.  From broken glass, and rusty nails, to rocks, old buried toys, and pieces of what used to be treasures long forgotten. 

During this process I began to think about how our lives are a picture of the garden.  How we have to break up the rocky, debris filled ground of our hearts.  The places that have been hardened by heartache and unmet expectations.  That have been etched with hurt and scarred by pain.  Things passed down from generation to generation.  We must do our best to remove and replace the old "soil" with fresh, nutrient rich "compost" materials.  And by doing so the good "seeds", the treasures,  that haven't withered or rotted away over time, have what they need to grow and flourish.  How it's also necessary to continue to tend the work that's been started so the "weeds" will not choke out the growing. 

I cherish the lessons I learn in my garden.

What have your gardens taught you?

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